Motion Dynamics™ Ltd Treatments

are individually designed to address your specific needs and goals. In the Postural Assessment, we identify postural distortions by measuring tilt, torque and rotation in all the major body landmarks.

Our personalized holistic approach focuses on your individual needs and goals. We empower you by increasing your vitality and helping you feel and move like a younger self.

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About Us

Motion Dynamics™ Ltd is a lifestyle and wellness brand. Motion Dynamics™ is today's leading integrative system, evidence -based corrective manual bodywork. It is born from over two decades and more than 50,000 hours of hands-on practice. Hong Kong's most experienced alignment-aware practitioners.

Our system combines the best parts of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), Myofascial and Neuro-muscular release and other techniques in one protocol.

We deliver results. We return your body to anatomically correct posture, efficient bio-mechanical movement, we teach you how to move your body intelligently; reduced pain levels and increased performance are the hallmarks of the system. Our friction-free process is painless. The result is an enhanced overall quality of life and elevated personal confidence in motion.

Our cutting-edge technique is to stretch and align your body. This Innovative hybrid technology will inspire an active lifestyle to transform your life.

Experience the Motion Dynamics™ difference.


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    Our Core Concept

    The Motion Dynamics system is the ultimate collection of tried and tested therapies, hybridized under a single treatment plan. It is honed to deliver innovative manual treatments. Engendering change - delivering results.

    Meet the Team

    Chris Watts

    Chris Watts

    Founder and President
    Luz Quianga

    Luz Quianga

    Vice President and Director
    Alvin Mesa

    Alvin Mesa

    Myofascial Specialist
    Arnold Ma

    Arnold Ma

    Be the change! We empower you by increasing vitality, helping you feel and move like a younger self.

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