What is MD?

It is a revolutionary, transformative manual therapy program built upon 25 years of hands-on evidence and knowledge-based clinical experience.

What are our goals, visual and realistic for the client?

In pursuit of unrestricted movement.
We correct posture, reduce pain levels, boost performance, and improve quality of life through a combination of 'smart fitness' and 'intelligent movement' programs that are designed to Maximize Your Mobility and achieve "physical intelligence"

What separates you from others?

Our unique system is postural correction through flexibility, stability and mobility training. We specialise in postural screening and functional movement testing to treat all types of musculoskeletal dysfunctions from neck compressions to ankle strains and sprains. Results are fast and long lasting.

All therapists are trained in physical and manual therapy and have a knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology. They, therefore, understand that when they meet a tight or restricted joint, they can quickly assess the affects it will have on your biomechanics.

It really depends on the individual as to how often they should stretch. Once they know how to stretch, we encourage people to stretch every day if they can. If you were a professional athlete, you would be stretching daily.
Our 80+ year old clients come and see us once or twice a week to improve their flexibility and maintain their mobility. Our golfing clients come every week to improve their swing performance, creating more consistent movement patterns.

Our sessions are pain free. We use gentle, indirect techniques with the idea of re-patterning and reprogramming your whole system. We work with your neuromuscular system not against it.

“Why” you experience pain. You will learn about compression which is causing discomfort to your body. You will also discover how your postural patterns affect your balance, control and stability.

You will see and feel the changes immediately. When it comes to postural issues, long term results can be seen within a few months.

At Motion Dynamics is a fee-for-service therapy clinic accepting cash, cheques, FPS transfer or PayMe.

Payment may be reimbursed by your insurance provider under your “out-of-network” benefits for many insurance carriers.

Your payment is due at the time of service. This allows the therapist to concentrate on your health and healing process and determine your plan of care according to YOUR needs and not the insurance company’s needs.

Many people feel great when they experience muscular releases! Some people report feeling energized, lighter, and a deep sense of relaxation. They can move around better than when they arrived after years of being restricted. Please drink plenty of water to flush out toxins in the body at the cellular level.

Sometimes we experience what is known as a Healing Crisis or sometimes called postural shift. This occurs when the treatment stirs up tissue memory. Congestion that had been trapped inside of a fascial restriction needs to re-adjust as the body learns a new away to move.

Your body may just need time to adapt. You may experience mild soreness, heightened emotional awareness, temporary exacerbation of pain, or have a generalized feeling of fatigue. This is a good sign that your body is releasing. Please drink plenty of water. It usually resolves in a few hours to a few days.

By being as pro-active as you can. Learn as much about your physical body as you want to know as the therapists are more than happy to make you understand your postural issues.
Understanding the cause of your pain or dysfunctions can really help you to prevent them happening in the future.


Flexibility Guidelines
*Always warm-up before you stretch. The temperature of the muscles should warm-up by around 2 degrees Celsius to increase the circulation and elasticity of the soft tissues.

*Avoid any bouncing as this can aggravate and potentially tear the tissues.

* Relax when you stretch.

* Don’t hold the stretch past the barrier or end feel longer than 1.5 to 2 seconds so as to avoid the activation of the myotatic stretch reflex. This is the safe, gradual and gentle approach to lengthening tight tissues.

* Breathe-in before the stretch and breathe out during the stretch to maximize the relaxation through the sympathetic nervous system. The more relaxed you are mentally and physically during the stretch the greater the flexibility potential.

* Never stretch to a point of pain only to a point of light irritation.

* Flexibility training must be performed actively before and after each work out.


Ask us a Question

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