If you would like to become a certified Motion Dynamics™ Mobility Trainer and possess the qualifications to incorporate our unique system, then Motion Dynamics™ can be rewarding for you and your clients. Chris Watts is Asia's First certified Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) - Aaron L. Mattes Method Master Trainer.

Our Training is detailed, specific and intense.

The Motion Dynamics™ progressive modular approach to certifying Mobility Trainers includes 40 hours classroom training (1 week) per module. We provide a hard copy of the training manual. Upon completion of 30 hours hands-on practice hours, you receive a Certificate of Module Completion.

Foundational Flexibility

This is our core modality. Foundational Flexibility training identifies restrictions within the tissues and gently but actively opens-up and unwinds those tight fibers allowing more spring and bounce in your movement patterns. We teach Mobility Trainers to identify which tissues are short and tight and require stretching. Flexibility is equally essential for preparing clients for sporting events as maintaining good posture for office workers. Make it a fundamental part of your health and fitness program.

Foundational Stability & Postural Screening

Correcting your posture is one of the most important ways to improve your health, fitness, and well-being. When the muscles and soft tissues are flexible, it is essential to strengthen and stabilize the 20 most important postural muscles that hold us in the ideal body position and defy the downward forces of gravity. With your posture corrected and you are back in proper alignment, you will need to maintain your posture by staying strong and flexible. Foundational Stability and strengthening is part of our core modalities.

Integrated Manual Movement Techniques

Manual soft tissue manipulation is one of the most popular forms of soft tissue remediation. Relaxation and stress-relief in the form of manual manipulation is a vital part of your health, fitness, and wellness. Motion Dynamics™ training offers some of the world’s best trained remedial and corrective bodywork to iron-out tired and tight muscles and to provide an overall feeling of well-being.

Sports Injury & Rehabilitation Techniques

When the body is injured and scar tissue has formed you lose flexibility and stability. You also lose power. The body is good at compensating and will quickly create further muscle and joint overuse injuries. The sooner you rehabilitate injuries the sooner they will heal. Remember soreness and pains are inflammatory responses. Listen closely to your body. It knows best.