Your Journey to Physical Intelligence

1st session- (the discovery phase)

a) Personal information
b) Medical history
c) Goal setting and expectations
d) Postural evaluation/assessment
e) Range of Motion (ROM) Test
f) Discussion on the Treatment plan/protocol
(The client will be asked to complete a questionnaire designed to create an understanding of their desired outcome. The client undergoes thorough physical evaluation, which includes flexibility, stability, balance and physical patterns. Then a treatment protocol/plan will be created based on the physical assessment.)

2nd session

a) Re-assessment
b) Re-test of the ROM or Range of Movement
c) Revisit the areas that were worked on in the first session.
d) Continue the protocol
e) Lower body and upper body should have been treated

3rd Session:

a) Re-assessment of the body alignment
b) Any changes to the clients goal
c) Revisit the protocol upper and lower body
d) At end of session give 2 exercises for homework
e) Start stability protocol

4th – 9th session:

Will be a foundational flexibility/ stability protocol as well as continued body awareness for the client

10th Session:

a) Compare the notes from the first session
b) Discuss the client’s goals
c) Discuss how to maintain the alignment
d) Empower the client with some exercises
e) Give the client the opportunity to continue to use our expertise for their future healthcare needs
f) Functional training for sports performance and strength. HIIT training
g) Maintenance is the simple part- Once or twice a month only


Maintenance Program:

Motion Dynamics believes that once you have achieved a foundational level of Flexibility and Stability and you are fully mobile it is very easy to maintain this newfound freedom. You will know inherently what it feels like to be aligned and bio-mechanically and musculo-skeletally balanced.

This awareness IS Physical Intelligence. We would recommend that you see a professional movement specialist once or twice a month purely for maintaining the correct position and full joint and muscular function. Once you reach this point you will never want to loose it.