Postural Assessment


Your posture matters! Faulty movement patterns start with asymmetrical posture.

Every client receives a thorough postural screening to assess postural symmetry. We identify postural distortions by measuring tilt, torque and rotation in all the major body landmarks.

Postural screening identifies “why” clients experience pain and discomfort and which muscles and soft tissue structures are short, tight and restricted. We identify muscle groups that are weak and require stability training.

A targeted flexibility training program is then designed and implemented to help you create an awareness of your postural patterns and re-connect with your centre of gravity.

Report of Finding
Reports results from the postural assessment and initial flexibility from the first Stretch and Align treatment. The direction of treatment is outlined and a complete plan presented. The plan includes treatment to be rendered, benchmarks and a self help outline.

We outline a timeline of training and target expectations. We will create a robust treatment program for postural correction and a complete structural transformation.