Our Philosophy

Motion Dynamics™ Core Concept is to stretch and align your body. Our exclusive system uses active and dynamic movement techniques to rapidly re-educate and re-balance body alignment and movement. The result is increased body awareness, better mobility, improved athletic performance, and enhanced endurance.

Our Unique Process

Our unique treatment is evidence based, results orientated and motivational, yielding the best results for every lifestyle. Our exclusive, tailor-made service educates and guides our clients toward healthy exercise, beginning with simple foundational workouts and leading to smart-functional movements. This indivudualized, protocol-driven treatment plan is based on all three-movement planes and is the fastest way to reach your alignment and performance goals.

Our uniqueness is built around our Mobility Formula: Postural Awareness + Flexibility + Stability = Mobility

Client Awareness and Learning the Why

Client Awareness is the most important aspect of Maximising Mobility. We make you acutely aware of your postural distortions and dysfunctions. This allows you to focus on postural correction.

Learning the “Why” we motivate the client to understand the reason behind their aches and pains, and lack of energy. Setting an attainable, visualized goal will initiate a desire in the client to work harder and realize optimum results. This conscious change improves the way clients use their body so that postural correction becomes subconscious and automatic.

This awareness Is Physical Intelligence.

Our Motion Dynamics Training

The Motion Dynamics™ training is a progressive modular approach to certifying Mobility Trainers includes 40 hours of classroom training (1 week) per module. We provide a hard copy of the training manual. Upon completion of 30 hours of hands-on practice hours, you receive a Certificate of Module Completion.

Our Training is detailed, specific and intense.

If you would like to become a certified Motion Dynamics™ Mobility Trainer and possess the qualifications to incorporate our unique system, then Motion Dynamics™ can be rewarding for you and your clients. Chris Watts is Asia's First certified Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) - Aaron L. Mattes Method Master Trainer

The course is divided into 4 Modules

Module 1) Assisted Active Isolated Stretching (The Mattes Method)

Module 2) Assisted Active Isolated Strengthening and Postural Assessment

Module 3) Integrated Manual Therapy

Module 4) Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Techniques

Our Mobility Formula

We create a postural image of the client through a detailed Postural Assessment on their first visit to identify imbalances and misalignment. We use “anatomical landmarks” as measurements and identify treatment options for postural correction, maximising mobility.

Report results from the postural assessment and initial flexibility from the first Stretch and Align treatment. The direction of treatment is outlined and a complete plan presented. The plan includes treatment to be rendered, benchmarks and a self-help outline.

All 360 body joints will move effortlessly without restriction. Optimal mobility is friction-free movement - our ultimate target.